Monday, November 23, 2009

Well I've been challenged to update my blog more regularly so I'll give it a go!

Had a great Friday - took myself off to the Handmade markets which I absolutely love. I was a bit dissapointed that lots of the store holders weren't there for the Friday night, but some of them were understandable - the delectable Lindsay and Edmunds chocolate shop especially, given it was about 7000 degrees inside! But I am the proud owner of a Pollymade sash made of vintage Kimono fabric, and a Chinchilla flower brooch made of vintage doilies, just gorgeous!

Saturday was training day here, and time to be inspired by the wonderful Robyn Thurecht and her Creativity course. Then dinner to farewell Jacinta, I am really going to miss that girl, then I spent the rest of the weekend in bed with a migraine! Never mind, I had most of the good bits though I did miss my mini and junior scrappers - stay tuned kids, we will reschedule!

I've had lots of exciting publication news, keep your eyes out for issues 73 and 74 of Scrapbook Creations, and the next edition of the Kaszazz catalogue and project book. I've been busy...

If you like handmade, then you'll love my old friend Kara's beautiful website, fabulous bags, beautiful baby wear, all of it! It makes me want another one...or at least to get Kara to make my website as beautiful as hers!

Come along this week to the Melba preschool fundraiser card night - 5 cards for $20, and all welcome! Or on the 11th December, bring all your unfinished projects and spend some time getting them done! Talk soon...

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